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Thorn & Burrow Wines

Brand Identity / Illustration

5 bottles of wine with funky label design
3 bottles of white wine with funky label design

Thorn & Burrow Wines embraces the strange

Hand holding wine bottle, arm has tattoos

Thorn & Burrow Wines is a natural wine company located in Vancouver, British Columbia that creates unique and unconventional wine blends found nowhere else. To pair with each blend they wanted creative and offbeat label designs that establish them as visually unique as their wines.

hand holding white wine label, arm has tattoos
3 bottles of white wine with typographic labels

For the whites RG+ and RIES and the F*CK Rosé we created an organic and high-contrast family of custom typographic illustrations.

3 bottles of white wine close up
white wine label designs

For the reds, the duo of Grumpy Cats and a Salty Pirate was used for an edgy, rebellious look that dares the consumer to try what’s inside.

hand holding bottle of shiraz wine, arm has tattoos
2 bottles of red wine with funky label designs
2 messymod label designs
thorn and burrow logo on the back of a wine bottle close up

A T&B monogram was designed to match the creative style for use on the back of all labels and informational materials.

T&B monogram design
3 thorn & burrow corks
thorn and burrow cork

More info about the ecclectic wines: