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LOQL Cannabis Extracts

consumer goods / packaging design

LOQL Cannabis extracts spread wellness and healing one drop at a time

LOQL Cannabis Extracts specialize in organic, solvent-free, locally grown medicinal products. From pain and inflammation to better sleep and mood elevation – safe, targeted relief is always LOQL. The bold brand mark is based on the Hamsa, an ancient hand symbol used for protection and health.

Custom gradients help set a mood for each type of CBD:THC ratio and are meant to evoke a feeling rather than a specific depiction. The benefits and pyschoactivity vary from ratio to ratio and whether the main flower being used is indica, sativa or a hybrid combination.

Simple, color-coded brochures were designed to quickly instruct consumers on safe, optimal dosing. The liquid dropper from the mark is used as a motif in the dosing infographic.

A playful, secondary system of Illustrations were created for use on swag like clothing, stickers, totes and shopping bags. The artwork uses elements from the main mark mixed with other mystical symbolism to evoke “protection”.