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Houlihan Lokey

financial / visual system / web design

Houlihan Lokey is a global investment bank with a modern edge

Houlihan Lokey is a leading global investment bank with expertise in mergers & acquisitions. Working with their existing logo we created a visual design system with a vast library of graphic motifs and applications. Clean, modern graphics pair nicely with images of their worldwide locations. The dynamic and flexible system works across all marketing touchpoints from the website to social media.

Shapes found inside the “trinity” globe were used to create flowing waves, currents, halftone patterns and geometric and dimensional motifs. By using the DNA from the logo itself, the visual identity feels like a cohesive system and creates an abstract depiction of intangible financial concepts.

Using Houlihan Lokey’s existing brand color palette, we extended it by adding tints of the primary colors. Seen in the various graphic motifs and gradients, it helps create a depth and sophistication to their otherwise corporate colors.

The visual system allows for endless ways of combining the design elements in unique ways so that any piece of corporate communication looks and feels like it comes from Houlihan Lokey.

LinkedIn is the primary social media platform Houlihan Lokey uses for posting news. We created a library of custom, branded posts for various things like deal announcements, market report downloads and new hires around the globe.

Nature photography of mountains, bridges, roads, oceans and rivers are a great way to illustrate the ideas of global market fluctuations and increasing wealth. It’s also a nice juxtaposition to the clean lines of data charts and M&A bank information.

Working with Houlihan Lokey’s in-house developers, we designed the website to combine the graphics and majestic imagery to present their detailed information and global rankings charts in a clean, concise way that’s easy to navigate.


  • Visual Design System
  • Extended Color Palette
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Collateral Design