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Calexo Cannabis Beverages

packaging design / brand identity

4 striped calexo hemp beverage cans on coral backdrop
4 striped calexo hemp beverage cans on coral backdrop

Calexo brings a smile to your mind in citrus rose or cucumber citron

2 calexo citrus rose hemp beverage cans on coral backdrop

Calexo isn’t just another cannabis beverage, it’s a state of mind. It aims to shift perceptions and preconceived notions through art, flavor and science. Op Art “optical art” is the perfect graphic vehicle to portray this shift in a simple, artful way while avoiding dated cannabis clichés – allowing the consumer to perceive the illusion in the art on their own terms.

grid of striped calexo hemp beverage cans butted up against each other
3 cucumber calexo hemp beverage cans on green backdrop

The new hemp beverage packaging is a 12 oz. can with a striped op-art wrap that continues seamlessly around. The first batch of cannabis-infused beverages were in a 22 oz. bottle with op-art labels. The sun is rising or setting depending on your mood.

3 calexo brown bottles with striped label designs

Capturing the laid-back feeling of the rolling hills, lapping water, brilliant sunsets and desert flora that defines the California and northern Mexico region, we applied a crisp, warm, color palette to both the brand and its unique flavor profiles.

california mexico desert mountains with cactus in the foreground
calexo logotype animation with different colors
calexo packaging design,consumer goods package design,los angeles packaging design
2 brown bottles of calexo cannabis beverage with striped labels
palm trees with sunlight coming through colorized coral and teal

A Brand Styleguide keeps the visual identity cohesive by outlining rules for the logo, typography, color palette and graphic motifs.

calexo brochures stack of 3 with striped cover design
calexo cannabis beverage brochure inside spread mockup
3 bottles of cucumber citron calexo on green backdrop


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Packaging Design
  • Visual System
3 bottles of calexo cannabis beverage close up on label design

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