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Art of Play x TRÜF

illustration / packaging design

Art of Play x TRÜF = a weird, reimagined deck of Messymod Playing Cards

We collaborated with Art of Play, makers of some of the finest playing cards in the universe, to bring you one strange deck. These cards feature a completely custom design in typical Messymod fashion which can be described as minimal, modern, graphic, quirky, stylized, grotesque, delightful and just plain weird.

We designed this deck so that each card has its own presence and personality, making them ideal pieces of artwork that can stand on their own. Each card has patterns of suits within suits for endless fun while still being recognizable.

Packaged in a premium letterpress-printed tuck box both inside and out. Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co. on Art of Play’s trademark thin stock preferred by expert cardists. Available in our messymod shop as an Art + Play bundle.

All photographs courtesy of Art of Play and Pablo Frey.