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Cover Illustration & Initial Caps for The Dramatist

Feb 1, 2020

The Dramatist is a monthly publication for the Dramatists Guild, the national trade association of playwirghts, composers, lyricists & librettists. They contacted us to do an illustration for their Jan/Feb 2020 issue called “Before & After” which features information all dramatists should consider before they begin writing and after they’ve finished.

In our Messymod style, we created a play on “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” This is, of course, the classic metaphor describing situations where it’s not clear which of two events should be considered the cause. Our popular letters from 36 Days of Type were also licensed for use as initial caps throughout the magazine. It’s always thrilling to see your work published and we thank the Dramatist for asking us to contribute!

If you’re interested, these Letters are also available as individual Fine Art Prints!