TRÜF is a creative studio obsessed with brand design.

After years of designing better brands for everyone else, we felt it was time to better our own. Moving away from the textured, Russian Constructivist-look and more towards the Swiss, we distilled our identity down to its purest form: der Umlaut. Circles, dots and the Ü motif reconfigure into a system of interlocking and repeat patterns to highlight our flexible design aesthetic. Electric bolts echo the magnetic nature behind our Brand Attraction philosophy.

A set of 20 unique MOO business cards were designed that create a conversation starter in meetings. Greeting cards were designed for handwritten notes.

A new responsive website was designed around the brand, with a focus on showcasing our work and unique design news.

Our identity made a splash in various design publications & blogs, even winning Judge’s Pick in the Brand New Awards for Best Identity Application.