BabaKul is a bohemian chic, handcrafted jewelry line.

BabaKul (bah-bah-kool) is a jewelry line that fuses Bohemian Chic with high-end, handcrafted materials. We captured the essence of the jewelry line by combining Art Nouveau, Bohemian imagery and modern sophistication into one brand personality. A handmade logo, an earthy color palette and a set of beautiful fashion illustrations combine to form a brand like no other.

We hired Cecilia Carlstedt based out of Stockholm to create a set of illustrations of the BabaKul girl and her lifestyle. Jewelry illustrations for a lookbook adds to the handmade feeling of the pieces.

Stationery printed on French Kraft paper adds to the handmade feeling. Jewelry tags were printed with a die-cut star for string.

The website and product photography was designed to feel cohesive, and featured the jewelry collection, artistry behind the craft, press, events and a store locator.