We were asked to contribute to Creative Market’s article on web design trends for 2020. There are several things we have noticed, but the biggest ones are adapting classic design principles to digital mediums. Print mediums (i.e. editorial magazines) have used large typography, striking visuals and unique grid layouts where the composition is balanced in a unique way for decades. We are now seeing these techniques easily being applied to websites. Here is an excerpt:


At Creative Market, we take pride in bringing you trend predictions from the very people on the frontlines of web design. To that end, we scoured far and wide to ask designers at some of the top agencies in the country and beyond what they think will be big when it comes to the web design trends for 2020.


1. Classic Design Principles Applied Digitally

This design trend breaks down into two elements: large typography and eye-catching visuals.

Awwwards Jury member and TRÜF design director, Monika Kehrer, sees a lot of websites on an ongoing basis. She’s identified this trend as the most frequent occurrence as of late, meaning it’s set to take off in 2020.

Large Typography

“The biggest thing I’m seeing lately is the use of large typography paired with beautiful photography in unique ways for an overall clean design. Headlines that are 200 px or larger, positioned off the edge of the browser or even vertically, create tension on the page. Mixing photography, large type, and clean graphics in an asymmetrical layout creates something unique and timeless without having to include too many scroll effects or splashy animations.”

Eye-catching Visuals

“It’s all about intriguing visual content! I’m noticing a lot of the new, organic, non-toxic beauty and cannabis products being very thoughtful with their product and lifestyle photography. The set-ups, background colors, models and poses are all inspired by the products’ clean philosophy or the use of the organic ingredients’ colors in backdrops. I believe the popularity of Instagram and other visual social media channels is helping drive this trend to create eye-catching visuals on promotional websites, too.”