In late May we went to see Queens of the Stone Age at the Wiltern in Hollywood. A terrific local show for fans to try out their new, amazing album. What struck us the most was the erie and gorgeous animations playing behind them on stage. The illustrations were done by a young British illustrator named Boneface, best known for his dark and moody artwork depicting human depravity (think zombies meets consumerism.) We hadn't seen a music + animation pairing like this since Pink Floyd's The Wall. It created quite a mood in the theater and really helped to bring the music to life.

Boneface's style is so distinctive. The colors are simultaneously muddy and bright. The distorted scenes in the animations are disturbing and hopeful. But the real talent comes through in Boneface's amazing ability to draw human figures and combine them with typography, graphics and corporate logos. We love that a huge band like Queens chose to champion his talents.

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