Explore inspires, educates and opens up new worlds.

Explore is a philanthropic multimedia division of the Annenberg Foundation which aims to inspire higher learning through film, photography and live cams from around the globe. A custom labyrinth was designed as the “O” to symbolize the idea of enlightenment and higher knowledge. The rich palette of colors and textures changes as you experience each location and film topic.

Explore.org is designed around watching “channels” that have their own vibrant themes to immerse the viewer in the location. Users watching live cams of polar bears, big waves and sharks have become very popular.

Our collaboration with TRÜF allowed us to present our brand and media archive in a beautiful, world class way. Their presentations and pixel perfect files are professional and of the highest standard. We often hear from viewers that this is their favorite website.

– Jonathan Silvio, Head of Interactive, Explore Annenberg LLC