ENFOS software manages data that saves the world.

Based in Silicon Valley, ENFOS is an enterprise cloud software platform that manages all aspects of global environmental cleanup. We redesigned their brand to feel as global and cutting-edge as their product by modernizing their existing logotype, using brighter colors and cleaning up their existing mark to create professional polish.

Icons and images were customized to help tell the ENFOS story and illustrate the complex nature of their software.

A modern website helps to organize info about the company in a clean, concise way. An interactive map illustrates the vast amount of global environmental liabilities.

Business cards in both English and Chinese were printed on thick, high end paper and continue the “dark to light” motif.

It cannot be stated enough how easy it is to communicate with Monika and Adam – at the end of the ENFOS project I consider us more friends than business partners. The work put out was exactly to specifications and included excellent extra items we didn’t even think to ask for – “diligent” is an understatement.

– Ryan Well, Manager of Asia Region, ENFOS