The multicolored logo trend has been going on for the past couple of years now, but lately we’ve been seeing multicolor logos everywhere. Big brands are starting to redesign their identities using rainbow colors. It’s a way to depict the diverse and “colorful” nature of their products. But it’s also a direct result of multi-tasking technology and social media communities. People are moving away from the generic blue corporate look of Facebook and Twitter and into something more colorful (i.e. everything Google is doing.) Here are a few we’ve seen recently:

Coursekit launched their brand identity last summer. Created by one of our fave designers and illustrators Ed Nacional, it is designed to be a vessel for learning. Paired with the modern Calibri typeface, we think this is a successful design.

We recently purchased a new 47” HD TV and while in the store noticed boxes with this lovely multicolored logo on it. Samsung Smart TV is all about connectivity and intuitive control. TVs are turning into computers with their own widgets, social media and streaming so it’s not surprising that they chose a logo that helps illustrate everything it does.

The UK channel More4 worked with ManvsMachine to create this newly launched identity and on-air look. Talk about multifaceted and flexible, this takes pieces of squares and morphs them into “flippers” that form the number 4 and move all over the place. This seems complex on its own, but really comes to life in the motion graphics.

Our Indiegogo client partners with Fractured Atlas. They are a non-profit organization who helps the art community facilitate creativy. Designed by Another Limited Rebellion, this logo speaks to the creative, organic and communal aspect of the arts. And it’s “fractured”.

Finally our least favorite new multi-colored logo (sorry) is created for the Madrid 2020 Olympics bid. Logos for the Olympics have traditionally always been multicolored since it’s a multicultural event. But this logo really misses the mark and has caused quite the controversy. There was a contest, but the winning designer’s logo was altered and cropped so the mark now reads 20020. Oops.

And for a walk down memory lane, here’s the most famous multicolored logo of all: Apple. Designed in 1977 by Rob Janoff, this was inspired by the hippie culture of the time, but also represents color bars on the screen as the Apple II was the first color computer.